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Want to learn how to build your own Real Life SUPERHERO Suit of Armor?
Maybe you just want to see more of the cool things that i'm building?

Well, if so then look no further because you’re in the right place!

I'm here to teach you how to build all the Armor, Weapons, Gadgets, and Equipment you'll need to become a REAL LIFE SUPERHERO.

I’m Captain Intrigue, and i’ve been building real life Superhero Suits of Armor my entire life. The Superhero Armor suits i’ve built so far are the most advanced of their kind in the world. My armor is Bulletproof, Fireproof Combat Armor and loaded with gadgets and weapons including a wrist mounted Flamethrower, Stun Gloves, Night Vision Goggles, Pepper Spray, exploding Missiles, a Voice Changer, Super Hearing, Fireball Launchers, a blinding Strobe and more. Even large governments and corporations haven’t been able to create anything close to what i’ve built, and they have much larger budgets than me and an army of "so called" experts.

You might have seen some of my videos on Youtube but those videos only show a tiny fraction of what i’ve actually built and the technology i’ve developed so far. There is SO MUCH MORE to see but i’ve been hesitant to reveal too much on Youtube since a lot of this stuff is VERY powerful and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands.

Mark 1 Armor

Mark 0.4 Armor

night vision goggles

Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles allow you to see in complete darkness. They are very lightweight, low profile and can be worn comfortably on your head. Battery powered using a lithium ion rechargeable.

real life iron man armor suit

Wrist Flame Thrower

The wrist mounted Flamethrower gauntlet is capable of firing a burst of flames for up to 10 feet by pressing a button attached to the glove. The fireproof glove protects the user. Unit is battery powered and easy to refill.

how to build a voice changer

Voice Changer

Professional quality Voice Changer alters the pitch of your voice lower or higher and uses a special surface transducer acoustic resonator to project your voice loudly with deep base.

Mark 1 Flare Launcher

(NEW) Mark 2 Armor

I'm Captain Intrigue


I'm here to teach you how to build all the Armor, Weapons, Gadgets, and Equipment you'll need to become a REAL LIFE SUPERHERO."


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