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  • Jack Monroe says:

    Very nice work…although i would like to add that the helmet seems a bit bulky seems to me that this might limit your ability to rotate your head and obscure your peripheral vision.

    • Very true, but it’s always a compromise between head protection and keeping it sleek. I’m hoping i can built it to allow maximum head rotation and tilting since the Mark 1 armor suffered from that problem. I’ll be trying this out on the Mark 2 helmet which i’ll be building soon.

    • Tomdowntown says:

      I kinda like the open collar for that reason, but not exactly the place to go without armor.

  • Also, have you ever thought of adding a hidden weapon like a collapsable sword or bow staff maybe, or most of all a deployable sword (ex. guardian’s shield from the super girl show). I know that there are a lot of gadgets within it, but maybe one the enemy won’t expect.

    • I have built a few stun batons over the years and i’m considering a retractable stun baton for the Mark 3. It would have the benefit of stunning an attacker and keeping them at arms length.

  • Hello sir
    Sir can we make flying jetpack that can we attached with our suit

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